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5 Investment Disciplines

How does Riverbridge choose the companies you’re invested in? We’re guided by five investment disciplines, which help us identify companies well-positioned to build value over the long term.

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Building a Flourishing Future

The world is quickly becoming something new—and we believe that is an opportunity to embrace. For the 2022 Endurance Summit, we focused on the theme of “Building a Flourishing Future.” This video invites people to explore that concept and imagine how they might be part of a future where people, businesses, and communities flourish.

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Earnings Power

How does Riverbridge choose the companies you’re invested in? We look for companies with earnings power—the ability to create and sustain value over long periods of time that positions companies for enduring growth.

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Invest with Endurance

Build an investment that lasts with Riverbridge—in companies built on solid fundamentals like trust, truth, innovation, and leadership. Your investment won’t just grow, but add enduring value to your life, your community, and to the world we are building together.

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Build with What’s Solid

In a world that keeps changing, Riverbridge believes that opportunity belongs to the builders—who build with what’s solid. Because the way to navigate change is to stay grounded in what doesn’t.

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Add Enduring Value

Riverbridge believes that endurance never arrives—it is built over long periods of time. And there is great opportunity in finding others who are looking to add enduring value—to pursue a possibility, a solution, a breakthrough for generations to come.

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Persisting with Purpose

A long-term view—in business and life—is grounded in having a purpose. And knowing what you are building toward and why it matters will enable you to persist through the unexpected.

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1st Quarter 2023 Report

March 2023

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4th Quarter 2022 Report

December 2022

Riverbridge 2022 Q3 Report

3rd Quarter 2022 Report

September 2022

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2nd Quarter 2022 Report

June 2022

Building a Flourishing Future, Riverbridge Endurance Summit 2022

Endurance Summit

September 2022

The future doesn’t happen by accident. It is built—and continually rebuilt. At the 2022 Endurance Summit, we explored the concept of “Building a Flourishing Future.” Together, we learned about the opportunity people, businesses, and communities have to work toward individual and collective flourishing amidst an actively changing world.

Endurance Summit 2021

Endurance Summit

September 2021

A long-term view—in business and life—is grounded in having a purpose. At the 2021 Endurance Summit, an annual event held in Minneapolis, we focused on the theme of “Persisting with Purpose”—knowing what you are building toward and why it matters is what enables you to persist through change.

Endurance Summit

November 2020

There are fundamentals that endure no matter what is happening in the market. For the Endurance Summit 2020, we focused on the theme of “Build With What’s Solid.” We looked at how a long-term mindset builds on solid foundations for a flourishing future.