We look for what endures and invest in companies that build value over time.

We believe in the power of compounding business value and seek to invest in companies that can outperform over entire market cycles. By focusing on consistent investment disciplines and giving companies the time to demonstrate their earnings power, Riverbridge has helped clients achieve compelling returns for more than 35 years.


We invest in businesses positioned to build value across market cycles.

Riverbridge’s equity investments demonstrate a commitment to investing in companies positioned for value creation and allowing these investments the time necessary to build value.

How we approach equity investments


We are committed to identifying and investing in companies with the fundamental characteristics that we believe are predictive of long-term value creation, regardless of short-term market dynamics.


Since 1987, we have deployed our time-tested investment philosophy and process which has delivered strong, risk-adjusted returns across multiple market cycles.


Creating business value and the power of compounding takes time, which is why our investment process focuses on making investments for the long-term.

Equity Investment Philosophy

Earnings power determines the value of a business.

Earnings Power is a company’s ability to achieve high returns on invested capital, while possessing an enduring strategic advantage in their marketplace. It is the ability to increase future earnings.

We build portfolios by identifying and buying well-managed companies we believe can maintain consistent unit growth and strong free cash flow, allowing them to finance their growth using internally generated sources of capital. We believe these businesses can build their earnings power over long periods of time. Earnings power is an engine for long-term growth, and companies with earnings power make for an enduring investment.

Earnings Power

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Equity Investment Strategy

We seek to identify and invest in companies that meet all aspects of our investment criteria.

We look for management teams that lead with purpose, create a culture of adaptability, and have the fortitude and patience to build value over time. Learn More.

We look for businesses that can finance their growth from within, giving them more control over their futures. Learn More.

We look for companies with a competitive differentiation. These companies have a product and/or a way of serving their customers that sets them apart from their peers. Learn More.

We look for businesses that are growing by selling more of what they do each year while maintaining high returns on invested capital. Learn More.

We look for companies that use consistent and reasonable accounting practices and represent fundamentals in a transparent manner. Learn More.

5 Investment Disciplines

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We apply a repeatable process grounded in building portfolios for long-term value creation.


Peer Review Process

Riverbridge evaluates a company’s culture, market position, and customer relationships through extensive interactions with their ecosystem.


Differentiated Decision Making

Riverbridge’s decision-making structure is designed to avoid two major pitfalls: internal team politics and confirmation bias. Our incentives lead to a culture and set of behaviors that constantly work to make our portfolios better.


Fundamentally Diversified

We look beyond sector labels and instead focus on earnings correlation risk to achieve proper diversification.


Patient Approach

We seek to invest and stay invested in companies for the long-term allowing the fundamentals of the business to grow in value.

Responsible Investing

We believe responsible investing is deploying capital in ways that further human flourishing.

Riverbridge strategies have demonstrated that enduring performance and responsible investing go hand in hand. We seek to invest in companies built to outperform over entire market cycles. These are companies driven by purpose and innovation. They steward cultures of continuous improvement and creative problem solving. And they seek to expand opportunities for health, safety, and advancement. To identify these types of companies, we follow the same time-tested investment approach we have championed since our inception—one designed to create long-term value for our clients.

Equity Investment Team

The Riverbridge Investment Team is strengthened by multiple perspectives dedicated to our investment approach.

The members of our Investment Team are people with the passion and humility to learn and grow every day, not for our own gain, but for the success of our clients and their investments. Our team is grounded in our long-term investment philosophy—leveraging multiple perspectives to seek what is true and can build value over time.

Ross Johnson

Ross Johnson, CFA

Chief Investment Officer
David Choe

David Choe, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Equity Investments
Julian Dehn

Julian Dehn, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Equity Investments
Adam McGrane

Adam McGrane, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Equity Investments
Emily Soltvedt

Emily Soltvedt

Portfolio Manager, Equity Investments

Riverbridge has been investing with endurance since 1987.

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