Our Firm

We are building toward a stronger future.

Our Firm

We are building toward a stronger future.

We are building something bigger than ourselves. We want to add enduring value to our clients’ lives and to industries, communities, and the world we are building together—for generations to come.

Providing investment management and advisory services with excellence is our specialty, but we also see a larger purpose. Our motivation is to invest and advise in ways that engage both the human and financial capital in our sphere of influence for its highest and best use. We aim to multiply good work in the world and add enduring value to peoples’ lives. Through how we invest and how we serve our clients, we are stewarding values as much as we are stewarding assets.

From Day One, our firm has existed to serve the long-term good of our clients. We are motivated to serve others by investing with endurance. These are the pursuits that get us out of bed in the morning.

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To see our clients experience superior returns on their investments.

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To see those investments and our service add enduring value to their lives.

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To add enduring value to industries, communities, and the world.

When you are trying to build something that lasts, endurance is the only way forward.

Endurance is a muscle that must be built.

It requires discipline.

Since our founding, the world has experienced booms and bubbles, global crises, recessions, and technological transformations. Market and industry pressures often work at odds with a client’s goals, encouraging people to chase trends and make short-sighted trades. At every pivot, opportunity is lost. But our investment philosophy has never changed.

It requires consistency.

We’re not thinking about the next quarter; we’re thinking about the next ten years—and the ten years after that—as we hold fast to what is true. Over multiple market cycles, our approach has remained consistent, teachable, and repeatable.

It requires time.

The 24/7 news cycle will always make you think you should react to the market and time your trades to its whims. But the market isn’t a game, and fundamentals will go further over the long term. When you take the long view and invest in high quality companies, time is on your side.

For more than 30 years, we’ve used an investment philosophy and process grounded in enduring fundamentals and trusting relationships, so that all our stakeholders can experience an investment built to last. With a relentless commitment to people’s long-term good, we exist to invest with endurance.

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