In May of 2023, we sat down with Balu Balakrishnan, the CEO of Power Integrations. Power Integrations is a long-held Riverbridge investment. Led by Riverbridge CIO, Ross Johnson, this conversation demonstrates our commitment to investing in companies with a sound culture and management. Balu shares how a mindset of endurance can create sustainable, long-term value for individuals, businesses, and communities.

Full Conversation

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Conversation Highlights

Image of Balu and Ross listening to the audience

Embracing Innovation

How do you incentivize people to take chances and innovate? Read Transcript

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Differentiating Products

How do you build adaptability into your organization over time so you can diversify your business? Read Transcript

Image of Balu listening to the audience

Building for the Long Term

How have you been able to keep your company focused on the long-term in a market that is not known for long-term thinking? Read Transcript

Image of Balu and Ross laughing while in conversation

Attracting Top Talent

Why do people come and work for Power Integrations? Read Transcript