As long-term investors, Riverbridge looks for the companies that are leading their markets with the solid building blocks we believe give your investment an enduring advantage.

our investment philosophy

We believe earnings power determines the value of a franchise.

We invest in high-quality growth companies that possess the ability to build their earnings power at above-average rates for long periods of time. We define earnings power as companies achieving high returns on invested capital while possessing an enduring strategic advantage in their marketplace. We build portfolios by identifying and buying well-managed companies we believe can maintain consistent unit growth and strong free cash flow, allowing them to finance their growth using internally generated sources of capital.

Our investment strategy bridges human insight with data analysis to identify companies that demonstrate the building blocks of our philosophy.

Every company is built on these fundamentals:

  • sound culture & Management
  • strong unit growth
  • strategic market position
  • conservative accounting
  • internally financed growth


We invest in companies we believe are building a better future for all of us.

Responsible investing is a longstanding bedrock of what we view as the core purpose of companies and capital markets. We believe that fundamental business value is built over long periods of time by companies meeting human needs in innovative ways, minimizing environmental dependency, creating resource efficiencies, and elevating the potential of people.

Companies that are responsible investments:

Meet human needs in innovative ways

Create resource efficiencies

Elevate the potential of people

our process

There are no shortcuts to choosing the companies in which we invest. We take a bottom-up, human-oriented research approach.


With personal relationships with hundreds of companies, we continually look for companies that stand out in their market. Whether through trade shows, conversation with industry leaders and competitors, or research into the products we see and use every day, we are always listening and searching for companies that meet our criteria.


When we have identified a company we think has potential, our next step is to examine the fundamentals. We take a careful look at the data—unit growth, market position, financials, and accounting practices. Then we get on a plane and meet the management face-to-face, listen to employees, peers, customers, and competitors, and experience the culture for ourselves. Only after thorough due diligence do we add a new company to the portfolio.

Continual Review

We don’t stop testing for endurance once a company has been added to our portfolio. We thoroughly review every company before we increase its position in the portfolio—and we continue to review its fundamental building blocks to ensure they remain sound over time.

 The companies we invest in, and our approach to client relationships, seek to elevate the health, opportunity, and potential of people.