Invest with endurance.®


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Investing in businesses creating real value

Our approach focuses on investments that can stand the test of time.

The idea of endurance is core to how we think. This commitment to endurance is demonstrated through the consistent application of our timeless investment strategy. Since our founding, we have never deviated from our investment philosophy and process. Riverbridge seeks to invest in companies that can sustainably grow their earnings power and build value over long periods of time. Our track record is evidence of its enduring success.

Investing for the success of our clients

We exist to serve the long-term good of our clients.

Riverbridge was founded to provide investment management that serves the interests of our clients. Through relationships built on trust and time-tested investment strategies, we seek to help our clients experience superior returns on their investments. We want to see those investments and our services add enduring value to those we serve.

We offer investment solutions that serve multiple types of clients:

Investing in a flourishing future

We are building something bigger than ourselves.

We’re on a mission to build long-term value and invest in ways that can further human flourishing. We believe when we come together with those who want to create and add value over time in service to others, there truly is endless opportunity.

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Equity Market Commentary

Q2 2024

S&P 500 Achieves Record Start in Early 2024, Driven by AI Optimism

On the surface, the first six months of 2024 were a utopia for investors. The S&P 500 returned more than 15% with very little volatility. This advance occurred despite the Fed not cutting interest rates and with inflation remaining stubbornly elevated.

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Fixed Income Market Commentary

Q2 2024

Long-Term Investing in a Shifting Landscape

The second quarter of 2024 provided the clearest signals yet that the Fed’s interest rate hiking cycle is having its intended effect. Consumer demand downshifted, housing slowed, and corporate loan defaults increased.

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Quarterly Article

Q2 2024

After the Hardware Boom: Long-Term Value Creation in the Generative AI Era

The modern technology stack can be visualized as an advanced jet airplane. Computer hardware is the jet engine and the fuselage; the chips, servers, and networking gear that provide the power and backbone for flight.

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