our view on responsible investing

A commitment to responsible investing permeates our fundamental approach.

We deploy long-term capital in pursuit of creating long-term positive impact. Since our founding, Riverbridge has invested in high-quality companies that elevate the health, potential, and opportunity of people. A commitment to responsible investing—and the corollary concept of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investing—is a core tenet of our business. This commitment is evident not only in the nature of our holdings but in our everyday practice. We don’t engage in short-sighted trading activity; we are true investors who own companies for long periods of time. 

We believe that a responsible investment is a compelling business investment. The practices creating more sustainable communities are the very same practices that generate sustainable returns over long periods of time. Companies that lead with a long-term view are thoughtful stewards of resources and capital—and are positioned to keep building their earnings power and intrinsic value over time.

ESG markers in Riverbridge strategies

As an expression of our unchanging investment philosophy, Riverbridge holdings have core business practices that prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. ESG investing has been part of our mindset since our founding; it is not an approach we have adopted as a recent add-on.

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  • Improving resource productivity
  • Innovatively streamlining supply chain impact
  • Reducing dependency on the environment
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  • Healthy company culture
  • High employee engagement
  • Positive customer experience
  • Excellent reputation among competitors
  • Helping other companies do better
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  • Transparent leadership embedded in the company’s DNA
  • Strong alignment and growth potential within management team and board of directors

a human-centered approach

Our human-centered research process identifies the building blocks needed for enduring value.

Our approach bridges data analysis with human insight to identify companies that are leading their markets with the solid building blocks we believe give your investment an enduring advantage. We have used the same five investment criteria for more than 30 years to identify if a company is positioned to build true value over time.

We want to uncover the business realities—and the Environmental, Social, and Governance realities—that no screen or checklist can fully provide.

  • We speak to customers, suppliers, competitors, partners, and employees.
  • We ask questions, do face-to-face meetings, and look people in the eye.
  • We are thorough and patient.

These five investment criteria are our building blocks for choosing a company.

  • Sound culture and management
  • Strong unit growth
  • Strategic market position
  • Internally financed growth
  • Conservative accounting


Riverbridge Responsible Investing Policy

Responsible investing is a longstanding bedrock of what we view as the core purpose of companies and capital markets. We believe that true business value is built over long periods of time by companies meeting human needs in innovative ways, minimizing environmental dependency, creating resource efficiencies, and elevating the potential of people.

Read our responsible investing report to learn more about:

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2. Engagement and proxy voting

3. Responsible Investing Community Engagement

Our strategies have demonstrated that enduring performance and responsible impact go hand in hand.